Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Abuba Steak

If you live in Jakarta, you must have heard about Abuba Steak. Abuba serves steak with affordable price as known as "steak kaki lima". I think it's one of the pioneer, as you can see affordable steak is becoming popular in Jakarta.

local tenderloin steak

 salmon steak

Abuba has several outlets in Jakarta. I tried the new outlet in Greenville.
The price is around IDR 50K. 

Ssst I suggest you not order the salmon. It's not as delicious as the photo above haha. 
I prefer to order beef rather than salmon. 
The salmon didnt smell fresh, so it's a little bit fishy. It's just my opinion. :)

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  1. yeah, i know this but in bandung and the steak really yummy :D | @polakatelu

  2. hahaha really? i'd like to visit there someday


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