Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hello December!

Welcome December, you can smell the holiday and christmas stuffs hahaha. oohh a reminder for me i'm gonna die soon. (read : thesis deadline's getting closeerrr.)  

okayy last month I went to palu, actually that was my second time. You can see my first time here.  Hemm not much change, the weather's very hot, since it lies on equator. 

me (middle) with my beautiful friends. we had a good time there

mutiara airport CMIIW

kaledo. if you go to Palu, you have to try this one. 
it costs around IDR 50K

well out of topic,has anyone ever watched runway cop? 
i watched this movie on my flight back to Jakarta from Banjar (upcoming post). 
I'm soooo curious because I only watched half of the movie. huuhu..
I want to find the full movie on internet, but cant find it.
any ideas?

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