Friday, September 27, 2013

Trip to Vietnam

Yeaaah went to Vietnam last week for holiday with my friend, we visited the capital city (Hanoi) and the famous Halong Bay. Actually there're more places that you can visit if you go to Vietnam, but not enough time for us to explore all. 

So before coming to Hanoi, I thought this city will be quite similar to Jakarta, which is not really modern but not that old either. Yeah I'm not completely wrong, it's similar but just 20 years behind haha. I rarely saw office building or shopping mall, but you can find a lot of historical place there. 

Hanoi also known as city of lake. this is view from my hotel 

sightseeing at Hanoi

After that we continue our trip to Halong Bay, about 4 hours from Hanoi. Dont imagine sandy beach and resort at Halong, all island made of lime-stone. So we spent one night at the cruise, perfect place for relaxing! All you wanna do is just lying down, listening to the music, enjoying your snacks, just do all your lazy activities here. But I went kayaking and it's quite fun!

beautiful scenery. Absolutely one of must-visit place

staying 1 night at imperial junk boat

 My suggestion if you wanna go to Vietnam is you gotta go to Halong bay. And for Hanoi, just spend 1-2 days because nothing much to see. But overall I enjoy my new experience at Vietnam, and also the Vietnamese food!

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