Friday, September 27, 2013

Trip to Vietnam

Yeaaah went to Vietnam last week for holiday with my friend, we visited the capital city (Hanoi) and the famous Halong Bay. Actually there're more places that you can visit if you go to Vietnam, but not enough time for us to explore all. 

So before coming to Hanoi, I thought this city will be quite similar to Jakarta, which is not really modern but not that old either. Yeah I'm not completely wrong, it's similar but just 20 years behind haha. I rarely saw office building or shopping mall, but you can find a lot of historical place there. 

Hanoi also known as city of lake. this is view from my hotel 

sightseeing at Hanoi

After that we continue our trip to Halong Bay, about 4 hours from Hanoi. Dont imagine sandy beach and resort at Halong, all island made of lime-stone. So we spent one night at the cruise, perfect place for relaxing! All you wanna do is just lying down, listening to the music, enjoying your snacks, just do all your lazy activities here. But I went kayaking and it's quite fun!

beautiful scenery. Absolutely one of must-visit place

staying 1 night at imperial junk boat

 My suggestion if you wanna go to Vietnam is you gotta go to Halong bay. And for Hanoi, just spend 1-2 days because nothing much to see. But overall I enjoy my new experience at Vietnam, and also the Vietnamese food!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

K-drama : That winter, the wind blows

Oh my God almost forgot that I have a blog hahaha, long time no post. Okay I just want to recommend a korean drama that I watched recently. Not really recently because I finished it last month. The title is "That Winter, The Wind Blows", ya I know the title is not that interesting. Buuuutt after you know who is the main actress, you might be interested. *drumroll*

The pretty Song Hye Kyo. Do you know how old is she now?? 31 years old. But she seems never get old. Her acting is very good in this movie.

And I want to show you the main actor. Of course they need a good looking guy to be paired with super pretty actress, right?

Another cute couple in this drama!

Im not going to tell you the story or give some spoiler haha. Just watch it by yourself. But one thing that you need to know, this is a melodrama. So please prepare bunch of tissues while watching this.

 You will see a lot of sweet romantic scene in this drama. And I really like the location and the setting for this drama It's beautiful and matched perfectly with the story. Snow everywhere!

Overall I think it's worth too watch and quite addictive haha. Perfect drama when you need a good cry. So anyone has watched this? Or any recommendation for another good drama?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Path

It's been few months I didnt write any post haha. Ya I'm quite busy *wink*. Thanks God finally I graduatedddd, emm not official yet cos I gotta wait until graduation day in June/July. Of course I feel so happy, there's no more exam, assignment, presentation, and thesis. But that happiness doesnt last long,  people start questioning "where do you work??". arrrgghh. I know that's a normal question like when will you get married, how many children do you have, and etc etc. 

Okay back to now, actually I got hired already *yippie* by blablabla company. That's why I went to SG in beginning of this month. Actually it's really hard now for foreigners to get a job in SG, because the government tighten the rules. The next difficult thing is to get employment pass from the government. 

Right now I'm trying to manage my documents for that pass. I dont have any bachelor's certificate, because it will be given in graduation day :"( soo I just requested my uni a letter that shows I've graduated, but the problem is the letter has not finished until now. Student service at my campus is so slooooow, it's freaking me out. really. Well I guess I just need a bunch of prayers from you all, I'm taking a new path now. Wish me luck on my pass. 

thanks for reading ♥♥


Friday, February 22, 2013

Banjar Foodism

Hi, I'm suddenly feel hungry in the middle of the night, after seeing these photos. Haha.. Actually I took this photo while I went to Banjarmasin, emm last year. 

This's called lontong orari. Weird name? I think so haha. 
It's really popular in Banjarmasin, made from lontong with haruan fish.
(my first time eating haruan fish, it doesnt taste like a fish)

 tadaaa, you must be familiar with this one! Soto Banjar!
emm tastes really good, better than lontong orari I guess.

Honestly I have low expectation when I just landed at 
Banjarmasin airport. Do you know why? Because I keep remembering this advertisement. LOL. Remember?? 

But I think I was wrong, Banjarmasin is a pretty big city. 
Of course not as big and hectic as Jakarta, but it's really well developed :)

Okay thanks for reading ♥♥ tell me if you have follow my blog ya. 
I'll follow back soon

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Febuary Love

Hi pretty fellas, happy valentine to you all! Emm a bit late, but everyday is a valentine right? hahahaa. And if you're looking for new accessories, get your eyes ready girls *wink* All these necklaces have premium quality and also affordable price. 

Black Shadow - IDR 35K

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Necklace for Sale, all under IDR 50K

Hi pretty ladies! Looking for new necklaces with affordable price? Take a look. 

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