Wednesday, July 10, 2013

K-drama : That winter, the wind blows

Oh my God almost forgot that I have a blog hahaha, long time no post. Okay I just want to recommend a korean drama that I watched recently. Not really recently because I finished it last month. The title is "That Winter, The Wind Blows", ya I know the title is not that interesting. Buuuutt after you know who is the main actress, you might be interested. *drumroll*

The pretty Song Hye Kyo. Do you know how old is she now?? 31 years old. But she seems never get old. Her acting is very good in this movie.

And I want to show you the main actor. Of course they need a good looking guy to be paired with super pretty actress, right?

Another cute couple in this drama!

Im not going to tell you the story or give some spoiler haha. Just watch it by yourself. But one thing that you need to know, this is a melodrama. So please prepare bunch of tissues while watching this.

 You will see a lot of sweet romantic scene in this drama. And I really like the location and the setting for this drama It's beautiful and matched perfectly with the story. Snow everywhere!

Overall I think it's worth too watch and quite addictive haha. Perfect drama when you need a good cry. So anyone has watched this? Or any recommendation for another good drama?


  1. i also like korean drama so romantic and funny right!
    Song Hye Kyo just like a barbie in 31 yo :')

    Love a bunch,

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