Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Path

It's been few months I didnt write any post haha. Ya I'm quite busy *wink*. Thanks God finally I graduatedddd, emm not official yet cos I gotta wait until graduation day in June/July. Of course I feel so happy, there's no more exam, assignment, presentation, and thesis. But that happiness doesnt last long,  people start questioning "where do you work??". arrrgghh. I know that's a normal question like when will you get married, how many children do you have, and etc etc. 

Okay back to now, actually I got hired already *yippie* by blablabla company. That's why I went to SG in beginning of this month. Actually it's really hard now for foreigners to get a job in SG, because the government tighten the rules. The next difficult thing is to get employment pass from the government. 

Right now I'm trying to manage my documents for that pass. I dont have any bachelor's certificate, because it will be given in graduation day :"( soo I just requested my uni a letter that shows I've graduated, but the problem is the letter has not finished until now. Student service at my campus is so slooooow, it's freaking me out. really. Well I guess I just need a bunch of prayers from you all, I'm taking a new path now. Wish me luck on my pass. 

thanks for reading ♥♥

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