Friday, November 2, 2012

Snail Oh Snail

Yihaa lovely readers, I went to Semarang a couple weeks ago. Have you been there? Well actually that was my first time too. I didnt know anything about tourist destination at Semarang, except Lawang Sewu *goosebumps*. Okay I'm not gonna tell you about creepy story hahaha. 

Semarang is quite known for its China town (or Pecinan), there is a place called Semawis. You can find so many hawker foods along the street, but they just open at weekend. 

left : only few hawkers on Friday
right : full of people on Saturday

Tadaaa see what I got at that place! Seem delicious huh?

I ate that noodles for the first time and last time. Well it's not chicken noodles hahaha, it's snail bekicot noodles! I was too curious,cant help it! So if you ask me what it tastes, it is chewy and elastic hahaha. Umm hard to describe. 

I wonder how I can finish that food after seeing this pict.

dont worry this is safe haha. 
I ate this crab noodle a day before that snail tragedy.
I am a big fan of noodle *big smile*

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