Friday, November 2, 2012

Snail Oh Snail

Yihaa lovely readers, I went to Semarang a couple weeks ago. Have you been there? Well actually that was my first time too. I didnt know anything about tourist destination at Semarang, except Lawang Sewu *goosebumps*. Okay I'm not gonna tell you about creepy story hahaha. 

Semarang is quite known for its China town (or Pecinan), there is a place called Semawis. You can find so many hawker foods along the street, but they just open at weekend. 

left : only few hawkers on Friday
right : full of people on Saturday

Tadaaa see what I got at that place! Seem delicious huh?

I ate that noodles for the first time and last time. Well it's not chicken noodles hahaha, it's snail bekicot noodles! I was too curious,cant help it! So if you ask me what it tastes, it is chewy and elastic hahaha. Umm hard to describe. 

I wonder how I can finish that food after seeing this pict.

dont worry this is safe haha. 
I ate this crab noodle a day before that snail tragedy.
I am a big fan of noodle *big smile*


  1. Wooow i ve never eaten snail before, but will try !

  2. ahh! All the food dishes look incredible! =D I'm drooling over here!
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  3. Look delicious noodle but i don't like snail.

  4. The food looked delicious~ :9

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  5. Yum, those noodles look great.
    I ate snails when I was in Paris, they served them covered in garlic butter. You're right, they're a hard texture to describe, very chewy!

    Just stumbled across your blog & became a follower xo

  6. whoa thanks for sharing some culinary information about Semarang! because i'm planning to go there for holiday hehe

    anyway thanks for the comment!
    yes it would be great if we could follow each other, i have followed you :)


  7. Love your nice and intersting blog :)


  8. thanks for reading and following my blog <3
    now i'm following yours

  9. After seeing that, I don't think I have the gut to eat snails :D


  10. Okay, I'm awed by your bravery haha! I don't think I can EVER eat those bekicot.
    Btw I've followed you<3


  11. haha i've tried one eating bekicot and it does taste .. hem , quite good *i don't know how to describe it too* LOL !
    and im following you now anyway :) mind to visit mine ?
    xoxo :*

  12. ah, was it delicious? it looks like it was...but I can't imagine the taste after seeing the snail pic!! but it must be fun wandering around Semarang, they have one of the best culinary :D


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