Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Batik City

Yey today Jakarta officially has a new governor, I hope Jakarta will be a better place to live, dont you? Besides, Solo's also getting more popular because of that issue. I recently visited Solo,umm it's getting crowded I guess. If you visit this city you'll see Batik Store everywhere, fit with its motto: Solo Batik City. 
And the unique thing is so many "angkringan" and also "lesehan" along the street at night. It's not like lesehan at Sundanese restaurant,at Solo people just sit on the street on enjoy their food. Similiar to Jogja,Solo also has gudeg, and another local foods, such as sate buntel, serabi, selat, nasi timlo, etc.

Omah Selat. Resto with really really traditional interior, super cool.

 taddaa. this's called selat. I've no idea why they call this selat,
but this's famous at Solo. 

last but not least *jeng2* 

I didnt take much photo while I was there hehe.
but thanks for reading! any opinion? 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

R.I.P My Dear

This's not about fashion/food/travel post, this's about my sad experience. Well I have a dog, female dog, named Poppie. Six days ago, she was OK, she even jumped up when I went back home from Bangka. She always do that whenever I leave her for a few days,that means she feels excited. And today she's no longer with me and my fam, she's died. She gets infected by disease, Leptospirosis, a disease caused by rats urine which contains bacteria. I just knew yesterday, at first I dont know it's gonna be that worst,I just thought that she ate the wrong food. 

And now everything will be different. No more wagging tail whenever I call her name. No more dog food, no more biscuits or snacks. No one will sniffing around and welcome me home. No more puppy eyes whenever I bring her snacks. No one will jump on me with paws. And no more barking, my house's gonna be silent. I dont know how much I'm gonna miss her. *sobbing*

She's more than a dog, she's part of my fam. If you have a dog,you will understand how sad it is. Just imagine,if you have a relationship with your bf for 5 years then break up,you'll cry a lot. What about 10 years together? My dog had accompany me for that long, that's why I extremely sad and my eyes are swollen. Next Saturday is my birthday, I'm gonna be lonely. But life must go on, time will heal.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hidden Paradise - Belitung

Pampamparapaamm I'm back! Long time no pooosst, I've been busy lately doing my thesis. This semester will be a nightmare :( But last week I went to Belitung Island, awww that's really beautiful. It's getting famous since the success of Laskar Pelangi movie and becoming one of top tourist destination. I will let you know the reason, keep your eyes open! *drumroll*

tadaaa gigantic rock.  I have no idea why they are so many haha.
Really big, you can climb on them. 

look at the clean sea water. dont you love the colour?

FYI not all beaches at this island are rocky :)

Well this is what I love most from this island. The sands!!
Really really soft,white and smooth, make you want to 
lay down all day long.

me and mr.piggy

time for sunset! *cheeese*

traditional foods. gangnam gangan (left): sour soup that's made 
of fish, and super tasty yuum.  mie belitung (right) tastes like
mie celor,  emm I dont really like it. 

ok that's it. Must Visit place in Indonesia! Interested?

See you in next post <3

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