Saturday, December 10, 2011


Have you ever heard about taiyaki? Sounds like takoyaki haha, but they're different. Taiyaki is also Japanese snack, hmm actually a fish-shaped cake.  Traditional taiyaki's filled with red bean paste.But now it has many flavours and  variety of fillings, such as chocolate, cheese, custard, etc.

Taiyaki became popular during tough times in Japan 
because it's very easy to made. 
It's also believed that fish is symbol of luck.

 The process of making taiyaki

hmm if you want to have a try... 
There is a place that sells taiyaki named Mou-Mou Taiyaki. 
It has 8 kinds of flavours.   

nyyumm2 haha


  1. i haven't heard about taiyaki, it is so cute and it seems so yummy!
    thanks for sharing! i like your blog :D

  2. read your blog is make me really hungry..
    so many yummy stuffs here..

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  3. Ah I love Taiyaki!

    I used to eat A LOT of them during my time in Japan...

  4. Aw,, thank you dear..
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  5. and woww.. Taiyaki?? I never heard before.

  6. looks delicious, i want! and anyway, its not an owl ring :)) i bought it from my friend.. you can email me if you want it :) cute blog dear <3

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  8. actually i dont know how.. but i think it's changed automatically when i put new the setting on 'template designer' haha

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! your blog is such a treat to read

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  10. I love these things! They taste delicious! Thanks for checking out my blog, I just followed!



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