Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tokio Kitchen

From its name, you must have known it is a Japanese restaurant. Hmmm more like a mini Japanese food court I think. There are many food stalls that you can see there from traditional food until fusion style. Takoyaki, ramen, tepanyaki, sushi, pizza, dessert, and many more. 

 Japanese atmosphere. Very comfy

you'll meet many Japanese picture and writing

hemm yakiudon.. tastes pretty good

I'd recommend Tokio Kitchen if you're looking for various options for Japanese cuisine. A nice place for hang out with your family or friend.


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  2. Looks yummy!
    Your blog is so adorable :D


  3. Seems like a fabulous place. Love the colors. the food looks awesome too! Love your blog. Do check out mine and follow of you like and I'd love to follow you back!!!

  4. look delicious !

  5. Oh, your blog is sooo cute! Love it!! Love to read more, so I'm following you now! Hope you can drop by for my new post sometime. ;)

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  6. love your blog :)
    do you live in Japan?


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