Monday, October 10, 2011

Yogyakarta Berhati Nyaman

It's one of the slogan, you will see quite often in the public place. And I can't agree more. Jogja is one of the top tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Gudeg city 

In this city, you cant separate food from crackers kerupuk. 
What a holy kerupuk! LOL

Hectic Malioboro

Kaliurang. A good stop for relaxing
 You can also visit Mbah Marijan's place

The legendary Parangtritis. Really chilly winds!

Bakpia patok - behind the scene
The photo looks better in black and white

Visit Borobudur!

My favorite photograph! 
Of course after being photoshopped

It's a fun week at Jogja! See you at the next post

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